2017 / by Chloe Gerard

I have never thought of myself as a writer. I have always been a visual creator. When I was younger I was always the “artsy outgoing” twin whereas my brother was the “sporty brainiac”. Photography for me has always been easy, almost mindless, for me. It’s something that just pours out of me when I do it. I know how to get the “perfect” shot, I know what to look for, I know what I want. While writing has always felt like pulling teeth. In school I always felt like I was writing my paper for days procrastinating saying what I truly meant while my friends whipped their papers out the night before (and got higher grades than me). I feel like I am bad at telling stories (or maybe that no one cares). I feel too rambley. But one of my new year’s goals is to become better at expressing myself creatively in different ways, so I am going to try this blogging thing. My good friend Kelsey Greene blogs more regularly than I will if you want to read more eloquent posts about photography you should check her out, or read my sporadic emotional blog posts. Whatever floats your boat. Anyways here are my revised 2017 resolutions inspired by a snapchat rant sent to one of my friends (minus the swearing):

1.     Stop trying to gain approval from people who will never give it to you, no matter what youre doing.

2.     Create everyday. Do cool things. Be a cool person.

3.     Read more books. Drink more water. Take care of yourself youre an actual human who deserves to feel good.

4.     Make moves. Make moves if people don’t know youre making moves. Make moves if people don’t think youre making moves. Do it.

5.     Push yourself. Stop remaining comfortable.

2016 didn’t feel very successful for me but I dropped out of college and started building a career I love. I took pictures of over 100 live bands (how tho), went on tour, bought a car, bought a new camera, and took a lot of rad pictures. 

heres to 2017.